Who is KQE?About – Us – Knowledge Quest Education Solutions, Inc. (KQES)
Knowledge Quest Education Solutions (KQES) is a Florida based education and training company. We have been providing professional development education services to corporate clients since 2002. Over the past 10 years, Knowledge Quest Education Solutions has acquired several key personnel that have helped to pioneer our signature programs and made them the success they are today.  Embedded within our staff, are dedicated educators, engineers, experts in career readiness, and an array of industry experience and skills.As a provider of career, technical, academic and behavioral professional development services, we have established a solid reputation, in part, because of our unique customized approach. We understand that not every client is the same, and each has specialized projects and needs. Knowledge Quest Education Solutions collaborates with our clients to develop curriculum and learning solutions that fit their industry, staff, academic setting and culture. This customized approach gives us the advantage to provide on-going support for the ever-changing environment of our clients. Knowledge Quest Education Solutions  has embraced the dynamics of organizational change and has responded by expanding our services. We accomplished this by creating additional divisions under the (KQES) umbrella, which were specifically designed to deliver customized support for the business and educational industry. These divisions respectively share resources and align synergies to provide cost-effective, data-driven, and research-based services to students of all ages.

Below is a list of divisions that are part of the Knowledge Quest Education Solutions umbrella:

  • Knowledge Quest Education (KQE) is our corporate learning division.
  • Knowledge Quest Academy (KQA) is our division dedicated to K-12 At-Risk Youth Learning.
  • Knowledge Quest Digital (KQD) is dedicated to digital learning for both youths and adults.
  • Learning Alliance Program (LAP) a collaborative effort with colleges/universities to provide Certificates and College supported programs.

Within each division, our programs are designed to improve how training and education are provided in today’s complex society; by doing this, we are also improving the opportunities for our students. The concept of learning “Anywhere, Anytime” is embedded within the Knowledge Quest Education Solutions framework and expands on our vision of “Exchanging Ideas, Shaping Futures.”