Program Summary
Highlights of Knowledge Quest Academy include:
A rigorous academic curriculum (English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Career Readiness and Business) that aligns with the requirements of the State Standards of Learning and also draws upon research-based best practices for effective alternative education.

All students receive curriculum counseling and planning services via a Professional Development Plan and an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP details specific and personalized goals and objectives for each student, with regularly scheduled conferences to communicate progress to students and parents.

We strive for all students to reach high standards in core curricular areas. The KQA instructional staff creates an environment that embodies the culture of the school:

Knowledge Quest Academy – Performance
Number Served Component Goal Expected Outcome
Enrollment to KQA can be from 40 – 400 students Core Academic Area 95% of courses completed Increase student curriculum contact time
Behavior 80% reduction in referrals Monthly review of documentation and student feedback from their mentors
Attendance 75% Increased attendance and as a result, increase curriculum completion
Specific ILP Goal 80% completion Students will be able to understand and monitor their performance by attending monthly goal reviews
Transition 90% (If eligible) Students will prepare with mentors and exhibit responsible behavior and academic standing