Knowledge Quest Academy Explorer’s has 17 graduates complete the Summer STEM Lean Sigma Program.

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This summer, while most high schoolers were spending their time at the beach or swimming pool, some teenagers were working hard to earn STEM-related certifications. The students at Middleton HS in Tampa took courses in Character Building, Microsoft Excel, Word and LEAN Sigma. At the end of their courses, students were eligible to take an industry-standard test for certification.


The courses at Middleton HS were sponsored by Knowledge Quest Education Solutions (KQE). The pilot program was a corporate collaboration spearheaded by the principal and supports the country’s initiative to reach out to industry partners. After discovering the program, the principal and his administration were delighted that they found a great summer program for their students.


On August 25th, 17 students attended a course completion ceremony and received their plaques for passing the LEAN Sigma exam. Students were excited to receive their awards and are quoted as saying, “this experience was awesome.” She was referring to the dynamic courses and the animated instructors who made their courses interesting. One parent attended the courses with her two high school teenagers. She felt the courses were a great opportunity to advance her children for next year. She felt the courses were “Interesting and Motivational” and kept students engaged.


Upon completion of the courses, the students were made eligible to join our Alumni association. The KQEx alumni association provides events and field trips to major STEM related corporate partners throughout the year.


Knowledge Quest Explorers is one of the several programs offered under Knowledge Quest Academy a member of the KQE family. Website:

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