Knowledge Quest Digital (KQD)

Knowledge Quest Digital (KQD) is an interactive online training portal that has built in digitized curriculum and workshops. (KQD) serves targeted audiences and functions as a learning portal to all (KQES) divisions.

  • (KQD) enables client’s access to digitized curriculum and workshops 24-hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • (KQD) enables students to participate in professional development, and certificate programs online.

The PEPPER (Portal for Exemplary Practices and Peer Educational Resources) Suite has (3) distinct portals. Each portal is directed to the individual stakeholder. PEPPER is a dynamic approach that promotes communication and provides situational workshop training.

  • PIP – Parent Involvement Portal
  • TRIP– Teacher Resource and Informational Portal
  • PLUS – Portal for Lessons in Understanding Success.

PEPPER – Portal for Exemplary Practices and Peer Educational Resources

This program is designed to guide each stakeholder (Parents, Teachers, and Students) to gain a better understanding of the process of education. PEPPER bridges the communication gap between each stakeholder, by bringing awareness to common problems that plaque education.

Imbedded in each workshop are key elements that highlight the components of a problem and the Truths and Myths associated with each. Participants are shown viewpoints of each stakeholder, which helps everyone view the problems from each other’s perspective. This dynamic communicative approach diminishes the lack of understanding that typically leads to unproductive Parent-Teacher meetings and cultivates a common foundational knowledge. Ultimately, this enriched communication fosters an aligned guidance between the parent and the teacher, in an effort to streamline communication at school and home.

Additionally, we offer workshops to the student that communicates expectations, so that they can respond accordingly.

The ultimate goal of all our workshops is to “get them educated, get them communicating, and foster relationships.”

Once a participant logs into a portal, they are directed to choose from several situational workshops. The workshops contain an interactive guide that directs the participant through lessons or “Knowledge Modules.” Within each module are the objectives or “Quest” which allows them to learn about solutions and problems as it is related to their position as a stakeholder. The “Topics” within each quest contain both Truths and Myths about a particular situation, provides resources, and suggests best practices on how to resolve them. Topics are introduced by a video personality and information is displayed as a visual chalkboard, animation, scene clips and narration. Upon completion of each workshop, the participant is asked to answer key focal questions. If they answered wrong, the guide redirects them to the passage to see the right answer. Participants receive a certificate of completion with the title of the workshop, hours of participation and brief description of skills attained.