Knowledge Quest Education (KQE)

The Knowledge Quest Education division provides a customized approach to professional development by partnering with our corporate clients to deliver full service technical and professional development education services. Our adaptable approach creates learning solutions based on the corporate specific goals, industry, staff skill level, and corporate culture. Knowledge Quest Education provides top-quality instructors, who are highly trained and specialize within the areas they teach.

Knowledge Quest Education provides an array of funding methods that students and employers can utilize towards professional development.

  • Training Budget Dollars
  • Grant Assistance
  • Tuition Reimbursement

Each of these methods extends how our training can benefit both the employer and the employee. The employee will gain voluntary participation in professional and personal growth, as the employee is not burdened with the cost. The employer will gain knowledgeable and well trained employees that will benefit the organization; along with a cost effective approach.

Knowledge Quest Education prides itself in our programs and partnerships as they reflect non-traditional approaches to each industry and corporate structure.

Some highlights include:

  • (KQE) encourages and assists employees in achieving their educational and career development goal.
  • (KQE) builds critical organizational competencies that assist the corporation and their employees.
  • (KQE) provides custom topics to enhance the training to meet your companies industry and culture.
  • (KQE) provides a convenient location, as classes are held at your office or a close offsite location.
  • (KQE) will provide practice exams that meet the most up-to-date industry standards for specific certifications.
  • (KQE) can also provide evening or Saturday classes upon request.
  • (KQE) provides certified instructors, many with Masters Degrees, and depending on the course has industry related certifications and/or experience.

Knowledge Quest Education provides classroom based training, remote web, CBT, or CBT Plus upon client preference.