Learning Alliance Program (LAP)

The Knowledge Quest Education Learning Alliance Program (LAP), is an alliance between contracted colleges and universities that partner together to bring a broader spectrum of career development to our corporate clients and their employees. This alliance encourages career minded individuals to convert their professional development courses taken with KQE, and prior learning CEU’s earned into our partners Bachelor degree programs. Each student that enrolls with our partners will undergo an extensive Credit Assessment Evaluation that satisfies specific course, general education requirements, and unrestricted elective requirements as part of their admission process based on the academic year in which the student is admitted.

The objective of (KQE) and the (LAP) is to build industry and community-based programs that promote professional development and career advancement. In conjunction with (KQE) our College/University partners are active members in the enrichment of our corporate community. Based on industry recognized standards and certifications, College/University policies and procedures, and general education requirements we partner to provide delivery of customized programs that best fit the industry of our corporate clients, meet the needs for our student’s job advancement, and provide a path towards both professional and personal growth.

Student Responsibilities:

Students must meet the admission and bachelor degree requirements for the academic year in which they are admitted. Students will refer to the chosen College/Universities catalog for admissions and program requirements.

Students must submit requests for student evaluations and verification of coursework or training including date of completion. All submitted coursework contained in the Credit Assessment Guide and used by College/University for credit evaluation is subject to all University policies, procedures and fees in effect at the time of submission. Students are responsible for all fees incurred in the student evaluation process. There is no guarantee that any credits awarded to students through College/University’s student evaluation process will transfer to other colleges or universities. Certain states may restrict the number of credits that can be awarded to students.