Program Services

Knowledge Quest Alternative School (KQAS) – traditional Alternative School model which is teacher driven and looks like a traditional school day. Teachers and staff are employed by KQAS and the day runs anywhere from 330 to 420 minAutes. All components of our proprietary curriculum to include behavioral management are implemented.

Knowledge Quest Academy (KQA) – A computer-based instructional (CBI) model where the day is divided into 2 or 3 sessions running from 240 to 300 minutes and can include a night session. Teachers and staff are employed by KQA. This approach changes the school day experience while still offering core content, credit recovery, academic achievement, behavioral management and critical wrap-around services, including life skills and career path guidance.

Knowledge Quest Consulting (KQC) – An educational consultant model which KQC inserts Program Consultants into the Alternative School setting to guide teachers and staff in delivery of the KQA academic or behavioral program. Teachers and staff are usually employed by the school district or contracting entity.

Knowledge Quest Explorers (KQEx) – A summer youth program designed to engage students in activities and courses related to the STEM curriculum. Business Partners and Universities collaborate to provide career exploration and career readiness experience. An extensive Alumni Association maintains students connected to resources offered by KQEx.