Knowledge Quest Academy (KQA)

KQA is a non-traditional approach that partners with school districts to provide high-quality & alternative education services to students in middle, high school, and post-secondary grades. Our signature programs provide a quality education that assists students with the tools needed to learn important life-skills and provide certificate programs that support job readiness for at-risk youth.

Knowledge Quest Education (KQE)

KQE is a customized approach that partners with our corporate clients to provide full service technical and professional development education services. Our customized approach creates learning solutions based on the corporate clients training goals, industry, staff skill level, and corporate culture. KQE provides top-quality instructors, who are highly trained and specialize within the areas they teach.

Knowledge Quest Digital (KQD)

Knowledge Quest Digital (KQD) is an interactive online training portal that has built in digitized curriculum and workshops. (KQD) serves targeted audiences and functions as a learning portal to all (KQES) divisions.

  • (KQD) enables client’s access to digitized curriculum and workshops 24-hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • (KQD) enables students to participate in professional development, and certificate programs online.

The PEPPER (Portal for Exemplary Practices and Peer Educational Resources) Suite has (3) distinct portals. Each portal is directed to the individual stakeholder. PEPPER is a dynamic approach that promotes communication and provides situational workshop training.

  • PIP – Parent Involvement Portal
  • TRIP– Teacher Resource and Informational Portal
  • PLUS – Portal for Lessons in Understanding Success.

Learning Alliance Program (LAP)

The Knowledge Quest Education Learning Alliance Program (LAP), is an alliance between contracted colleges and universities that partner together to bring a broader spectrum of career development to our corporate clients and their employees. This alliance encourages career minded individuals to convert their professional development courses taken with KQE, and prior learning CEU’s earned into our partners Bachelor degree programs. Each student that enrolls with our partners will undergo an extensive Credit Assessment Evaluation that satisfies specific course, general education requirements, and unrestricted elective requirements as part of their admission process based on the academic year in which the student is admitted.